Prototyp Crackhead

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Oriented towards a sincere and honest approach to design, this concept offers everyone the opportunity to afford a unique design piece or in an ultra limited series.

There are surprises and great finds to be found. The prices are deliberately super affordable to avoid falling into an elite vision of design.

Crackhead Prototyp

Crackhead is a series of 2 versions of prototypes for a Norman hole from our Designer's Table season 3. Made of blown glass, these prototypes were made by Christophe Huguenin in Trient in the Valais. This object will delight your taste buds by mixing sorbet in the half-sphere and alcohol in the main tube. The mixture of sorbet and alcohol is done by vacuum suction in the cone provided for this purpose. 

Version 1: Cone on cone purely decorative

Version 2: Hemisphere in hemisphere fully functional

Prototype made in Switzerland by Christophe Huguenin

D5 x H10 


Borosilicate Glass

CHF 49.95 
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