Prototyp Phare

The Prototyp SHOP is an online shop concept made up of various prototypes and tests by Studio Raphaël Lutz.

Oriented towards a sincere and honest approach to design, this concept offers everyone the opportunity to afford a unique design piece or in an ultra limited series.

There are surprises and great finds to be found. The prices are deliberately super affordable to avoid falling into an elite vision of design.

Phare Prototyp

Phare is a lamp made entirely by hand on a potter's wheel by Peter Fink, a ceramist based in Ependes/FR. These prototypes are the last tests we did to find the perfect combination of size and color and each piece required between 1 and 2 days of manual work by the ceramist. The glaze is two-tone in white and racing green.

Phare is currently published in a limited edition of 3 pieces at NOV gallery in Carouge/GE at a price of CHF 1'800.-.

We put on sale the 3 test prototypes.

Beware, these prototypes have defects such as cracks in the enamel or a slight crack.

The prototypes need to be searched at our atelier in Renens ;-)

Only 3 available prototypes made in Switzerland by Peter Fink
D12 x H65 cm
Glazed handmade ceramic

CHF 899.95 
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