New waves Oblong Mirror

New Waves is a collection of mirrors and lights using a unique digital hammering technique. This computer-assisted embossing of a mirror-polished stainless steel plate follows a random algorithm. This industrial method makes each model unique. In addition to a visual effect identical to the reflections of the movements of water, the dissociative nature of the usability of this object and its manufacturing technique makes it a hyper graphic sculptural object that can be integrated into various environments. This mirror is an ode to the vibrations induced by the wave-like material. We do not see ourselves in this mirror but we explore a poetic and organic reality. The solid oak base CNC machined in Crissier takes the main asset of this object off the wall to make it float in all spaces. Miroir Oblong is therefore a radical object of contemplation because of its formal and organic simplicity in its interior integrations.

Self-edited object made in Switzerland

Manufacturing to order
Delivery time: 4 weeks
Mirror polished stainless steel
Massive Oak FSC

CHF 980 
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