New Waves Suspended Banner

New Waves is a collection of mirrors and lights using a unique digital hammering technique. The computer-assisted embossing of a mirror-polished stainless steel plate follows a random algorithm. This industrial method makes each model unique. In addition to a visual effect identical to the reflections of the movements of water, the dissociative nature of the usability of this object and its manufacturing technique makes it a hyper graphic sculptural object that can be integrated into various environments.

The lighting collaboration with Ledixa Lighting, our local partner, adds a touch of fascination through the reflections expressed by the light in the undulating material. Suspended banner is then an object with a radical design that supports the cantilevered metal plate and whose steel support bar encloses a lighting that diffuses all its character from below.

This object is available in 3 different sizes with a selection of 3 colors.

Self-edited object made in Switzerland Manufacturing to order

Delivery time: 4 weeks
Mirror polished stainless steel
Powder coated steel tubes
LED Light 12V 36W

CHF 1900 
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