Côtes Numériques is a dematerialized wallclock that can be used through augmented reality (AR) on your smartphone or tablet.

This wallclock is available in only 99 digital editions and is associated with an NFT (digital certificate of authenticity) in addition to a PDF certificate and the unique numbered AR link to use it anytime and anywhere with your smartphone.

The design of Côtes Numériques uses a decorative technique dear to Swiss watchmaking: the côtes de Genève.

The 3 concentric circles represent for the small circle: the hours, the medium circle: the minutes and the large circle: the seconds.

Each circle runs one after the other and the visual effects obtained are hypnotizing.
Project collaborators
Manfred baud and Valentin Sieber

Project partners
BLOCK.CO and Threedium

Pictures and 3D animations
Studio Raphaël Lutz

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