Designer’s Table is our experimental research project in product and experience design in tableware and the act of dining.

This is what we call augmented gastronomy.

We started this project in 2017 and designed a collection of 5 objects for this third season. All the prototypes are produced by local craftsmen in Switzerland.

The thematic for this third season was space travel and we designed all the objects with inspirations from the Apollo 11 mission. 

Project collaborators
Manfred Baud and Julien Gaillard

Special help
Adèle Francey, Etienne Gaillard, Simon Robertson, Inès Gaillard, Kiira Mullen and Florian Mayerat

Studio Raphaël Lutz, Marion Monier, Noé Cotter and Matthieu Croizier


Craftsmen involved in this season 3
Pyroverre, De Marc Porcelaine, Roth mécanique,, Formed, TIE SA, First Industries SA, Fulvio and Niklaus P. SA

Partners of this season 3
Gaggenau, Restorex, Domaine la Colombe, Piguet Galland and Kellye & Co

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