New Waves is a collection of mirrors and lights using a unique digital hammering technique. This computer-assisted embossing of a mirror-polished stainless steel plate follows a random algorithm. This industrial method makes each model unique.

In addition to a visual effect identical to the reflections of the movements of water, the dissociative nature of the usability of this object and its manufacturing technique makes it a hyper graphic sculptural object that can be integrated into various environments. 

Two models are currently available in 3 sizes and 3 colors in our SHOP!
Available in our SHOP
Self-edited object made in Switzerland
Mirror polished stainless steel
Massive Oak FSC

Project collaborators
Manfred Baud and Valentin Sieber

Ledixa, Visitech, IAR Laser, First Industries, Fulvio and Metal-System Diserens Sàrl

Clément Lambelet
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